Zwaardvis-class Submarine

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The Zwaardvis-class submarine (Dutch: "Swordfish") is a conventional attack submarine that replaced the Dolfijn-class in the Royal Netherlands Navy. Zwaardvis is based on the U.S. Navy Barbel-class with the teardrop hull design. In September 1981 the Republic of China (Taiwan) ordered four modified Zwaardvis-class submarines, the Chien Lung/Hai Lung-class. In 1992 a repeat order for another 4 boats was turned down by the Netherlands government because of pressure from the People's Republic of China. The two Dutch boats have been replaced by the Walrus-class.

The two decommissioned Dutch boats, Zwaardvis and Tijgerhaai, were loaded onto a ship and transported to PSC-Naval Dockyard, Lumut, Malaysia in anticipation of purchase by the Royal Malaysian Navy in 1997. However, the Malaysian Navy declined the offer and chose the French Scorpène-class instead. The two boats are still in Lumut awaiting a buyer and possible refurbishment.

Unit Run[edit | edit source]

Royal Netherlands Navy[edit | edit source]

  • HNLMS Zwaardvis (S806)
  • HMNLS Tijgerhaai (S807)

Republic of China Navy[edit | edit source]

  • ROCS Hai Lung (SS-793)
  • ROCS Hai Hu (SS-794)
  • ROCS Hai Niu (SS-795)
  • ROCS Hai Chi (SS-796)