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Victoria-class Hunter Killer Submarine

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The profiles of the Lake Superior and Victoria-class submarines.

The Victoria-class Hunter Killer Submarines are a class of AIP equipped diesel-electric submarine based on the Collins-class SSK in RAN service. The Victoria-class was ordered in October 2004 and the first one was launched in 2006. In the 2020s, a further two Victoria-class submarines were constructed. The RNZN also orderd three submarines.

It is 270 feet (82.3 meters) in length and displaces 4,100 tons. The Victora-class is powered by a General Motors Model 265-S turbodiesel cruise engine and the Ballard fuel-cell air-independent propulsion system.

Unit Run[edit]

Royal Canadian Navy[edit]

  • HMCS Victoria (SSK-879)
  • HMCS Windsor (SSK-880)
  • HMCS Corner Brook (SSK-881)
  • HMCS Chicoutimi (SSK-882)
  • HMCS Swift Current (SSK-883)
  • HMCS London (SSK-884)
  • HMCS Oshawa (SSK-890)
  • HMCS Sherbrooke (SSK-891)

Royal New Zealand Navy[edit]

  • HMNZS Blackpool (S01)
  • HMNZS Resolution (S02)
  • HMNZS Black Prince (S03)
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