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Uzushio-class Submarine

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The Uzushio-class submarine was a class of submarine, in service with Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force which was the first generation of the teardrop type submarine that valued the underwater performance against that of the conventional type ship type Asashio-class submarine. Seven from 1967 fiscal year were built with the third defense plan. The eighth 49 fiscal year warship was discontinued and construction was discontinued because of the construction expense and sudden rise oil crisis though eight were planned at first. Many were converted to training submarines (ATSS) towards the end of their lives.

The Asashio-class submarine adopted the practical teardrop hull type for the first time in the Maritime Self-Defense Force. When the Asashio-class was built, the adoption of the teardrop type had been examined. However, the Maritime Self-Defense Force at that time selected the old model that valued safety from the operation results. It was moving to the warship type that valued the underwater performance, and the examination that used the model in 1960 fiscal year was advanced, and necessary data was obtained also with TRDI in the age.

When designing, the location etc. are original though it refers to the Barbel-class submarine of American naval forces of not a complete copy but the inner shell structure and sail plane and torpedo tube.

Unit Run[edit]

  • JDS Uzushio (SS-566)
  • JDS Makishio (SS-567)
  • JDS Isoshio (SS-568)
  • JDS Narushio (SS-569)
  • JDS Kuroshio (SS-570)
  • JDS Takashio (SS-571)
  • JDS Yeashio (SS-572)
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