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The Ukrainian Naval Aviation (Ukrainian: Морська Авіація, Morska Aviatsiya) is a component of the Ukrainian Navy.

During the breakup of the Soviet Union, significant portions of the Soviet Naval Aviation were based in Ukraine, which were intended to support the Black Sea Fleet. These forces included the 2nd Guards Maritime Missile Aviation Division (Gvardeyskoye, Crimean Oblast), with three regiments of maritime attack Tu-22M2s (5th, 124th at Gvardeskoye, Crimean Oblast and the 943rd at Oktyabrskoye), and the 30th independent Maritime Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment (Saki-Novofedorovka, Crimean Oblast) of Tu-22Ps.

In the second half of 1997, when Ukraine and Russia finally agreed on how to split the Black Fleet, Ukraine received twelve planes and thirty helicopters.

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