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USS Scranton (SSN-756)

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The USS Scranton (SSN-756) is a Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine. It is the second ship of the USN to be named after Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The contract to build her was awarded to Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company in Newport News, Virginia, on November 26th 1984, and construction began on August 29th 1986. She was launched on July 3rd 1989 sponsored by Mrs. Sarah McDade, and commissioned on January 26th 1991, with Commander J.G. Meyer in command.

Scranton was the first submarine at Newport News to be built via "modular construction". No keel was laid. In this method, the ship was almost fully built out in individual hull sections. Most of the internal structure, machinery, and piping were loaded in via open ends of the hull sections as each hull section was built out. The individual hull sections were later assembled with exact precision such that piping running between the sections was joined as the hull sections were welded together. The ship was later rolled into a floating drydock and "floated"

In January 2006, Scranton successfully demonstrated homing and docking of an AN/BLQ-11 Long-Term Mine Reconnaissance System (LMRS) unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV) system during at-sea testing under the leadership of Commanding Officer Michael J Quinn.

During RIMPAC 2030, Scranton was sideswiped by a PLAN Kilo II-class submarine that was attempting to follow the JMSDF nuclear submarine Natsushio which resulted in damage to both the Chinese and US submarine. Both submarines however, were able to proceed on their own power.

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