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Type 99 Main Battle Tank

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The Type 99 (Chinese: 99式; pinyin: Jiǔjiǔshì) or ZTZ99 is a Chinese third generation main battle tank (MBT). The tank entered People's Liberation Army Ground Force (PLAGF) service in 2001.


  • Type 98: Also known as the WZ-123 and Type 90-III. Early pre-production version. Features included composite armor panels and a 1200 hp diesel engine. 1st generation ERA may have been an option. According to Global Security, the armor layout of the Type 98 is similar to the T-80U and T-80UK's.
  • Type 99: Also known as the Type 98G and Type 99G. 1200 hp engine replaced by 1500 hp engine. Upgraded to third generation ERA and second generation thermal sight.
  • Type 99A: Improved Type 99. Prototype testing was underway by August 2007 and believed to be the standard deployed Type 99 variant in 2011; upgradable from Type 99. The improved main gun may fire an Invar-type ATGM. It mounts 3rd generation (Relikt-type) ERA, and an active protection system. Has a new turret with "arrow shaped" applique armor. The larger turret may have improved armor and a commander's periscope, and the tank may have an integrated propulsion system. Has a semi-automatic transmission.


  • People's Republic of China
    • People's Liberation Army Ground Force
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