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Titan-class Fleet Supertanker

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The profile of a Titan-class supertanker.
The Titan-class Fleet Supertankers are a pair of Suezmax-class supertankers (the first two built in Canada) that were built in the 2000s as MV Energy Progress and MV Energy Future. In 2012, the Canadian Forces purchased them and sent them back to Saint John Shipbuilding for conversion into a pair of heavy support ships.

Both of the Suezmax-class vessels, both some 1030 feet (313.94 meters) long and 145 feet (44.2 meters) wide, were able to carry the equivalent of five Rocky Mountain-class vessels. Their conversion into supply ships would include major changes to their engines, hull design and electronics, as well as no less than eight major refueling rigs. The ships' new engines allowed them to make a speed of 19 knots (35.19 km/h), fast enough for the purpose. Both tankers entered CF service in late 2013 as HMCS Titan (AO-516) and HMCS Avenger (AO-517).

Unit Run[edit]

  • HMCS Titan (AO-516) - former MV Energy Progress
  • HMCS Avenger (AO-517) - former MV Energy Future
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