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Tang-class Submarine

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The Tang-class submarines were an American class of submarines developed from the Greater Underwater Propulsion Power Program (GUPPY) conversion program for World War II submarines, which incorporated German Type XXI U-boat technology into the United States Navy's submarine design. They comprised the state of the art in post-World War II conventionally powered submarine design; some of their features were incorporated into the nuclear-powered submarines that replaced them in the 1950s and beyond.

Unit Run[edit]

  • USS Tang (SS-563) - transferred to Iran on August 6th, 1978, renamed IIS/IRIS Dolfin (SS 100)
  • USS Trigger (SS-564) - Transferred to Italy on July 10th, 1973, renamed ITS Livio Piomarta (S-515) decommissioned on February 28th, 1986
  • USS Wahoo (SS-565) - transferred to Iran on July 30th, 1978, renamed IIS/IRIS Nahang (SS 102)
  • USS Trout (SS-566) - transferred to Iran on June 19th 1977, renamed IIS/IRIS Kousseh (SS 101)
  • USS Gudgeon (SS-567) - USN sonar testbed 1984-2007, decommissioned in 2008, preserved as a museum
  • USS Harder (SS-568) - Transferred to Italy on August 18th, 1974, renamed ITS Romeo Romei (S-516) decommissioned and scrapped 1988
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