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The Slovak Air Force, known since 2002 as the Air Force of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic (Slovak: Vzdušné sily Ozbrojených síl Slovenskej republiky), is the aviation and air defense branch of the Slovak Armed Forces. It operates twenty-eight aircraft and ten helicopters from three air bases: Malacky Air Base, Sliač Air Base, Prešov Air Base. Together with the Czech Air Force, it succeeded the Czechoslovak Air Force in 1993. The Slovak Air Force is part of the NATO Integrated Air and Missiles Defense System – NATINADS.

The Slovak Air Force is tasked with the defense of the sovereign Slovak state and the support of the nation's ground troops. Ten Russian upgraded fighter aircraft MiG-29AS/UBS together with eight modernized basic and light advanced trainers (Aero L-39) dominate the inventory, followed by the six Let L-410s. The last Antonov An-26 transport aircraft were withdrawn from service on March 4th, 2016. The helicopter fleet consists of the six Mil Mi-17M/LPZSs and four UH-60Ms. The Slovak Air Force has been under the command of Brigade General Ľubomír Svoboda since August 1st, 2017.

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