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Sierra-class Nuclear Attack Submarine

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The Sierra I-class or Project 945 (Барракуда/Barrakuda) nuclear submarine was the Soviet Union's successor class to the partly successful Project 705 Lira-class submarine. The Sierra class has a light and strong titanium pressure hull which enables the class to dive to greater depths, reduce the level of radiated noise and increase resistance to torpedo attacks. It is powered by a single OK-650 pressurized water reactor. Sierra I and its successor Sierra II classes submarines are designed by Lazurit Central Design Bureau.

The Sierra II-class or Project 945A (Кондор/Kondor) nuclear submarine was a successor to the Sierra I with improved quieting and sonar. The Sierra II was specifically developed for search and destroy missions against US nuclear submarines. It has a smaller turning circle than any other modern submarine, with speeds and diving depth greater than its American counterparts.

Unit Run[edit]

Project 945[edit]

  • RFK Carp (K-239)
  • RFK Krab (K-258)
  • RFK Kostroma (K-276)

Project 945A[edit]

  • RFK Pskov (K-336)
  • RFK Zubatka (K-435)
  • RFK Nizhniy Novgorod (K-534)


  • RFK Mars (K-536)
  • RFK Okun (K-123)
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