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Scorpène-class Submarine

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The Scorpène-class submarines are a class of diesel-electric attack submarines jointly developed by the French Direction des Construction Navales (DCN) and the Spanish company Navantia, and now by DCNS. It features diesel propulsion and an additional air-independent propulsion (AIP).

The Chilean Navy ordered two Scorpène-class boats, which replaced two Oberon-class submarines retired by the Chilean Navy. In 2005, the Indian Navy ordered six Scorpène-class; all the Indian boats will be built in India, at Mazagon Dock and elsewhere, and the last two are to be fitted with an Indian Fuel cell AIP module. For the follow-on requirement of six submarines, DCNS plans to offer a larger version of the submarine to the Indian Navy. In 2008, the Brazilian Navy ordered five Scorpènes.

The Chilean Scorpène-class BAC O'Higgins and BAC Carrera were completed in 2005 and 2006, respectively. In 2009, the Royal Malaysian Navy commissioned KD Tunku Abdul Rahman and KD Tun Abdul Razak.

Unit Run[edit]


  • NRB Riachuelo (S40) - under construction
  • NRB Humaitá (S41) - under construction
  • NRB Tonelero (S42) - planned for construction
  • NRB Angostura (S43) - planned for construction
  • NRB Guanabara (S44) - planned for construction


  • BAC O'Higgins (SS-22)
  • BAC Carrera (SS-23)


  • INS Kalvari (S50)
  • INS Khanderi (S51)
  • INS Karanj (S52) - sea trials
  • INS Vela (S53) - under construction
  • INS Vagir (S54) - under construction
  • INS Vagsheer (S55) - under construction


  • IRIS Besat (SS 106)
  • IRIS Temsah (SS 107)
  • IRIS Val (SS 108)
  • IRIS Hastpa (SS 109)
  • IRIS Xarcang (SS 110)
  • IRIS Mahi (SS 111)


  • KD Tunku Abdul Rahman
  • KD Tun Abdul Razak
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