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S80-class Hunter-Killer Submarine

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The S80 Isaac Peral-class submarines are AIP (air independent propulsion) submarines currently under construction for the Spanish Navy. Six boats have been ordered, of which two are fitting out, two are under construction by the Spanish company Navantia at its yard in Cartagena, and two which are planned for construction. The submarines are being fitted with a new propulsion system designed for a high degree of autonomy under water. Their mission includes: projection of naval power onto land, naval special warfare, surveillance, protection of naval forces and deterrence. The first was planned to enter service in the Spanish Navy in 2015, with a second in 2016, but a weight imbalance issue has been identified which is to delay the project between 12 and 24 months. The construction of the third in the series began in 2009. The Indian Navy considered this submarine for its next generation of submarines under Project 75I, but ended up selecting the Russian Lada-class.

Unit Run[edit]

  • SPS Isaac Peral (S-81) - fitting out
  • SPS Narciso Monturiol (S-82) - fitting out
  • SPS Cosme Garcia (S-83) - under construction
  • SPS Mateo García de los Reyes (S-84) - under construction
  • SPS Carles Buigas (S-85) - planned for construction
  • SPS Julio Cervera Baviera (S-86) - planned for construction
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