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The Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) (Maori: Te Taua Moana o Aotearoa, "The Sea Army of New Zealand") is the maritime arm of the New Zealand Defence Force. The fleet currently consists of twenty-three ships.

The RNZN is currently in a transitional period where its role is being broadened into a navy that is more versatile than in the more recent past. Formerly combat-oriented and based on the frigate, a number of new ships have been incorporated into the fleet that have given the RNZN a much broader potential platform from which to work.

Future Plans of the RNZN[edit | edit source]

Procurement[edit | edit source]

  • Replacement of HMNZS Endeavour and HMNZS Endurance with a pair of ice strengthened tankers to support New Zealand's contribution to research in Antarctic. On July 18th 2016 the Minister of Defence announced that Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea had been awarded a contract for NZ$493,000,000 for the purchase of a new 23,000t tanker. The new tanker will be ice strengthened with winterisation features. The ship is due for delivery in 2020. The ships will be named HMNZS Aotearoa and HMNZS New Zealand.
  • Replacement of HMNZS Manawanui and HMNZS Resolution with a pair of Littoral Warfare Support Ships.

System and Platform Upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • Anzac Self-Defence Upgrade: This project proposes to upgrade the Anzac frigates' self-defence systems to protect the Naval Combat Force against increasingly sophisticated anti-ship systems and to address equipment obsolescence.
  • Patrol Vessel Capabilities Upgrade: This project proposes an extensive upgrade to the weapons and sensor capabilities of the Protector and Otago-class patrol vessels.
  • Remote Mine Detection: The Maritime Forces Review identified a requirement to protect New Zealand's major ports by developing a capacity to detect and dispose of mines and other explosives underwater. The Review concluded that the mine countermeasures role should be retained. The capability of the Navy to detect mine-like objects is becoming increasingly difficult as current equipment reaches the end of its economical life. Upgrading this capability would significantly improve the safety of personnel and ships over the current inadequate, emergency only, systems.
  • Torpedo Replacement: This project proposes to replace the torpedoes for the Anzac frigates, P-3 Orions and SH-2G Seasprite helicopters to maintain the Anzac's basic self-defence capability against sub-surface threats and the P-3's area anti-submarine capability.

Force Structure[edit | edit source]

Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Active Duty Personnel: 7,800
  • Reserve Personnel: 3,400
  • Active Warships: 24
  • Number of Active Bases/Installations: 9 (Devonport, Irirangi, Ngapona, Olphert, Pegasus, Philomel, Tasman, Toroa, Wakefield)
  • Commander of the RNZN: Rear Admiral John Martin

Active Vessels of the Royal New Zealand Navy[edit | edit source]

  • Canterbury-class Multirole Vessel (2) - 2007
    • HMNZS Canterbury (L421)
    • HMNZS Southland (L422)
  • Anzac-class Multirole Frigate (5) - 1997
    • HMNZS Te Kaha (F77)
    • HMNZS Te Mana (F111)
    • HMNZS Te Tapatahi (F112)
    • HNMZS Te Tere (F113)
    • HMNZS Te Maiatanga (F114)
  • Endeavour-class Fleet Oiler (1) - 1988
    • HMNZS Endurance (A12)
  • Charles Upham-class Sealift Ship (1) - 1995
    • HMNZS Charles Upham (A02)
  • Manawanui-class Diving Support vessel (1) - 2019
    • HMNS Manawanui (A-09) - former MV Edda Fonn
  • Aotearoa-class Replenishment Vessel (2 UC) - 2021
    • HMNZS Aotearoa (A13)
    • HMNZS New Zealand (A14) - sea trials
  • Lachlan-class Hydrographic Research Vessel (1) - 2022
    • HMNZS Lachlan (A15)
  • Protector-class Inshore Patrol Vessel (4) - 2009
    • HMNZS Pukaki (P3568)
    • HMNZS Rotoiti (P3569)
    • HMNZS Taupo (P3570)
    • HMNZS Hawea (P3571)
  • Otago-class Offshore Patrol Vessel (8) - 2010
    • HMNZS Otago (P-148)
    • HMNZS Wellington (P-149)
    • HMNZS Christchurch (P-150)
    • HMNZS Hamilton (P-151)
    • HMNZS Napier (P-152)
    • HMNZS Hastings (P-153)
    • HMNZS Tauranga (P-154)
    • HMNZS Dunedin (P-155)