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Royal Fleet Auxiliary

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The Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) is a civilian-manned fleet owned by the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence, whose purpose is to support the Royal Navy. The RFA enables ships of the Royal Navy to maintain operations around the world. Its primary role is to supply the Royal Navy with fuel, ammunition and supplies, normally by replenishment at sea (RAS). It also transports Army and Royal Marine personnel, as well as supporting training exercises, and engaging in anti-piracy and anti-drug smuggling operations.

The RFA counts a forward repair ship and landing vessels amongst its assets. RFA personnel are members of the Ministry of Defence civil service, and since 2003, special members of the Royal Naval Reserve deemed sponsored reserves, which are civilians who must be part of the Armed Forces in some capacity, in order to carry out specialist civilian jobs in a military capacity. However the RFA itself is not part of the Naval Service, and officers wear Merchant Navy rank insignia with naval uniforms but are under naval discipline when the vessel is engaged on warlike operations. RFA vessels are commanded and crewed by these civilians, augmented with regular and reserve Royal Navy personnel to perform specialized military functions such as operating and maintaining helicopters or providing hospital facilities. Royal Navy personnel are also needed to operate certain weapons, such as the Phalanx, however other weapons (such as the GMPG or 20mm cannon) are operated by RFA personnel.

List of Ships[edit]

  • Fort Rosalie-class Replenishment Oiler (3) - 1978
    • RFA Fort Rosalie (A385)
    • RFA Fort Austin (A386)
    • RFA Fort Grange (A387)
  • Diligence-class Fleet Repair Ship (1) - 1984
    • RFA Diligence (A132)
  • Sal-class Large Lifting Ship (2) - 1985
    • RFA Salmoor (A185)
    • RFA Salmaid (A187)
  • Argus-class Training Ship (1) - 1988
    • RFA Argus (A135)
  • Worden-class Moorings Tender (1) - 1989
    • RFA Worden (A368)
  • Moorhen-class Lifting Craft (3) - 1989
    • RFA Moorhen (Y32)
    • RFA Moorfowl (Y33)
    • RFA Cameron (A72)
  • Fort Victoria-class Replenishment Oiler (6) - 1993
    • RFA Fort Victoria (A388)
    • RFA Fort George (A389)
    • RFA Fort Halstead (A390)
    • RFA Fort Brockhurst (A391)
    • RFA Fort Nelson (A392)
    • RFA Fort Royal Hill (A393)
  • Impulse-class Coastal Tug (2) - 1993
    • RFA Impulse (A344)
    • RFA Impetus (A335)
  • Sea Crusader-class Vehicle Cargo Ship (1) - 1996
    • RFA Sea Crusader (A96)
  • Sea Centurion-class Vehicle Cargo Ship (1) - 1998
    • RFA Sea Centurion (A98)
  • Point-class Sealift Ship (6) - 2002
    • MV Hurst Point
    • MV Eddystone
    • MV Hartland Point
    • MV Anvil Point
    • MV Beachy Head
    • MV Longstone
  • Wave Knight-class Fleet Tanker (4) - 2003
    • RFA Wave Knight (A394)
    • RFA Wave Ruler (A395)
    • RFA Wave Master (A396)
    • RFA Wave Rider (A397)
  • Bay-class Dock Landing Ship (4) - 2006
    • RFA Largs Bay (L3006)
    • RFA Lyme Bay (L3007)
    • RFA Mounts Bay (L3008)
    • RFA Cardigan Bay (L3009)
  • Maine-class Hospital Ship (1) - 2019
    • RFA Maine (A134) - on fitting out
  • Tide-class Fast Fleet Tanker (2, 4 UC, 2 planned) - 2016
    • RFA Tidespring (A398)
    • RFA Tiderace (A399) - sea trials
    • RFA Tidesurge (A400) - fitting out
    • RFA Tideforce (A401) - fitting out
    • RFA Tideflow (A402) - under construction
    • RFA Tiderange (A403) - under construction
    • RFA Tidepool (A404) - planned for construction
    • RFA Tidereach (A405) - planned for construction
  • Solid Support Ship (3 planned) - 202X
    • RFA Unnamed
    • RFA Unnamed
    • RFA Unnamed
    • RFA Unnamed
    • RFA Unnamed
    • RFA Unnamed
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