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River-class Offshore Patrol Vessel

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The River-class is a class of offshore patrol vessels built primarily for the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom. total of ten are planned for the Royal Navy; four Batch 1 and six Batch 2. The Batch 1 ships of the class replaced the seven ships of the Island-class and the two Castle-class patrol vessels. HTMS Krabi is a variation of the River-class design built in Thailand for the Royal Thai Navy. The ten ships of the Port of Spain/Amazona-class in service with both the Brazilian Navy and Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard are also a variation of the River-class design.

Unit Run[edit]

Royal Navy[edit]

Batch I[edit]

  • HMS Tyne (P284)
  • HMS Severn (P285)
  • HMS Mersey (P286)

Modified Batch I[edit]

  • HMS Clyde (P287)

Batch II[edit]

  • HMS Forth (P290) - fitting out
  • HMS Medway (P291) - fitting out
  • HMS Trent (P292) - fitting out
  • HMS Tamer (P293) - under construction
  • HMS Spey (P294) - under construction
  • HMS Ashburne (P295) - under construction

Brazilian Navy (Amazonas-class)[edit]

  • NRB Amazonas (P120)
  • NRB Apa (P121)
  • NRB Araguari (P122)
  • NRB Amapari (P123)
  • NRB Aiuruoca (P124)
  • NRB Alcântara (P125)
  • NRB Amandaú (P126)

Royal Thai Navy[edit]

  • HTMS Krabi (PC-551)
  • HTMS Trang (PC-552) - fitting out

Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (Port of Spain-class)[edit]

  • Port of Spain (CG50)
  • Scarborough (CG51)
  • San Fernando (CG52)

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