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The seal of the Republic of Korea Air Force.

Republic of Korea Air Force (ROK Air Force; ROKAF; Hangul: 대한민국 공군; Hanja: 大韓民國 空軍; Revised Romanization: Daehanminguk Gong-gun) is the aerial warfare service branch of Republic of Korea, operating under the Republic of Korea Ministry of National Defense.

The ROKAF has about 500 combat aircraft of American design, plus a few Russian, European, and indigenously designed aircraft.

Organization[edit | edit source]

Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Active Duty Personnel: 68,500
  • Reserve Personnel: 38,000
  • Number of Fixed Wing Aircraft:
  • Number of Helicopters:
  • Number of Bases:
  • Air Force Chief of Staff: General Sung Il-Hwan

Order of Battle[edit | edit source]

  • Republic of Korea Air Force Headquarters (대한민국 공군본부)
    • Air Force Operations Command (공군작전사령부)
      • 5th Tactical Airlift Wing (제5전술공수비행단), based at Busan-Gimhae (ICAO RKPK/IATA PUS)
        • 251st Tactical Air Support Squadron flying C-130H and C-130H-30
        • 256th Tactical Air Support Squadron flying CN235-100M
        • 258th Tactical Support Squadron flying CN235-100M and CN235-220M
        • 259th Tactical Air Support Squadron flying UH-60P
      • 15th Composite Wing (제15혼성비행단), based at Seongnam (ICAO RKSM/IATA SSN)
        • 237th Tactical Control Squadron flying 20 KA-1
        • 255th Special Operations Squadron flying C-130H
        • 257th Tactical Air Transport Squadron flying C-130H
      • 35th Combined Group
        • 296th Special Transport Squadron flying the HS-748 (2 aircraft tail numbers 1713 and 1718), CN235-220M (2 aircraft tail numbers 02-050 and 02-051), Boeing 737-3Z6 (1 aircraft tail number 85-101), Sikorsky VH-60P and the new Sikorsky S-92 (3 helicopters tail numbers 05-035, 05-050 and 05-055)
      • 6th Combat Control Team/Combat Search And Rescue Group (제6탐색구조비행전대)
    • Air Force Northern Combat Command (공군북부전투사령부)
      • 8th Fighter Wing (제8전투비행단), based at Wonju (ICAO RKNW/IATA WBJ)
        • 103rd Fighter Squadron flying FA-50
        • 207th Fighter Squadron flying FA-50
        • 288th Electronic Fighter Squadron flying Harpy
        • 239th Special Squadron, aka. Black Eagles Aerobatic Team(ko:블랙이글스)
      • 10th Fighter Wing (제10전투비행단), based at Suwon (ICAO RKSW/IATA SWU)
        • 101st Fighter Squadron flying FA-50
        • 201st Fighter Squadron flying FA-50
      • 39th Tactical Reconnaissance Group
        • 131st Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron flying 17 RF-4C Phantom
      • 17th Fighter Wing (제17전투비행단), based at Cheongju (ICAO RKTU/IATA CJJ)
        • 152nd Fighter Squadron flying F-4V
        • 153rd Fighter Squadron flying F-4V
        • 156th Fighter Squadron flying F-4V
      • 29th Tactical Development & Training Group
        • 191st Tactical Development & Training Squadron flying F-16C/D and KF-16C/D
        • 192nd Tactical Development & Training Squadron flying T-50A/B
      • 6th Search & Rescue Group
        • 233rd Combat Search & Rescue Squadron flying Bell 412, Eurocopter AS532L/L2 Cougar and Sikorsky HH-60P helicopters
        • 235th Combat Search & Rescue Squadron flying Kamov HH-32 (KA-32T) and Boeing Vertol HH-47D Chinook helicopters
      • 18th Fighter Wing (제18전투비행단), based at Gangneung (ICAO RKNN/IATA KAG)
        • 102nd Fighter Squadron flying F-15K
        • 144th Fighter Squadron flying F-15K
        • 150th Fighter Squadron flying FA-50
        • 200th Fighter Squadron fyling FA-50
      • 19th Fighter Wing (제19전투비행단), based at Chungju (ICAO RKTU/IATA CJJ)
        • 161st Fighter Squadron flying F-16C/D (Block32)
        • 162nd Fighter Squadron flying F-16C/D (Block32)
        • 155th Fighter Squadron flying KF-16C/D (Block52)
        • 159th Fighter Squadron flying KF-16C/D (Block52)
      • 20th Fighter Wing (제20전투비행단), based at Seosan (ICAO RKTP)
        • 120th Fighter Squadron flying KF-16C/D (Block52)
        • 121st Fighter Squadron flying KF-16C/D (Block52)
        • 123rd Fighter Squadron flying KF-16C/D (Block52)
        • 157th Fighter Squadron flying KF-16C/D (Block52)
    • Air Force Southern Combat Command (공군남부전투사령부)
      • 1st Fighter Wing (제1전투비행단), based at Gwangju (ICAO RKJJ/IATA KWJ)
      • 11th Fighter Wing (제11전투비행단), based at Daegu (ICAO RKTN/IATA TAE)
        • 102nd Fighter Squadron flying F-15K
        • 122nd Fighter Squadron flying F-15K
        • 151st Fighter Squadron flying F-4V
      • 16th Fighter Wing (제16전투비행단), based at Yecheon (ICAO RKTY/IATA YEC)
        • 202nd Fighter Squadron flying FA-50
        • 216th Flying Training Squadron flying 16 T-59 (BAe Hawk Mk.67)
      • 38th Fighter Group (제38전투비행전대), based at Gunsan
        • 111th Fighter Squadron flying KF-16
    • Air Defence Artillery Command (방공포병사령부)
      • 1st Air Defence Artillery Brigade (제1방공포병여단)
      • 2nd Air Defence Artillery Brigade (제2방공포병여단)
      • 3rd Air Defence Artillery Brigade (제3방공포병여단)
    • 30th Air Defense and Control Wing (제30방공관제단), based at Osan (ICAO RKSO/IATA OSN)
      • 1st Master Control and Report Center Group (제31중앙방공통제전대), based at Osan (ICAO RKSO/IATA OSN)
      • 2nd Master Control and Report Center Group (제32중앙방공통제전대), based at Daegu (ICAO RKTN/IATA TAE)
    • Air Force Logistics Command (공군군수사령부)
      • Maintenance Depots (정비창)
      • Supply Depots (보급창)
      • Transportation Groups (수송단)
    • Air Force Education & Training Command (공군교육사령부)
      • Basic Military Training Wing (기본군사훈련단)
      • 3rd Flying Training Wing (제3훈련비행단)
      • Air Force Aviation Science High School (공군항공과학고등학교)
      • Technical Schools (병과학교)
    • Aerospace Projects Group
      • Aerial Combat Development Group (공군전투발전단)
      • Air Force Academy (공군사관학교)

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