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Polar 8-class Icebreaker

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A Polar 8 Icebreaker.

The Polar 8 Icebreaker is a type of vessel used by the Canadian Coast Guard and Canadian Forces Maritime Command for patroling the Arctic Circle. The Polar 8 Icebreakers started construction in 2004 with a unit run of two icebreakers (named John G. Diefenbaker and Roald Amundsen) originally. In 2005, the Roald Amundsen was renamed the Robert Stanfield after the April 2005 death of 16th Prime Minister Robert Lorne Stanfield. In 2006, a second pair of Polar 8 Icebreakers were ordered (named John Edward Broadbent and Roald Amundsen). The Polar 8-class are the largest icebreakers in the world coming in at 575 feet in length and 45,000 tons displacement.


  • Type: Icebreaker (Hull designation symbol IBH)
  • Characteristics
    • Length: 575 feet (175.26 meters)
    • Beam: 115 feet (35.06 meters)
    • Draft: 37 feet (11 meters)
    • Displacement: 45,000 tons
  • Crew: 138
  • Propulsion: 4 x RTA96-C diesel engines, 3 x shafts, 108,000 shp (81 MW)
  • Range: 8,000 nautical miles (14,816 kilometers)
  • Speed: 19 Knots (35.19 km/h)
  • Sensor Suite
    • AN/SPS-48G E/F-Band 3D Air Search Radar
    • AN/SPS-49A(V)1 L-Band 2D Air Search Radar
    • AN/SPS-73(V)12 Surface Search Radar
    • Raytheon Anschütz Pathfinder ST MK 2 Navigation Radar
    • AN/SQS-510 Hull mounted Active Sonar
    • AN/SQR-501 CANTASS passive Towed Array Sonar
  • Aviation Facilities: Hangar for three large helicopters, and flight deck
  • Aircraft Carried: 3 x AgustaWestland CH-149 Comorant maritime helicopters
  • Boats Carried: 2 x LST, 4 x RHIBs, 2 x Hovercraft

Unit Run[edit]

Canadian Coast Guard[edit]

Royal Canadian Navy[edit]

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