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The P'okp'ung-ho or spelled Pokpung-ho (Chosŏn'gŭl: 폭풍호; Hanja: 暴風號) is a North Korean main battle tank (MBT) developed in the 1990s. The tank may incorporate technology found in the T-62, T-72, Type 88 and Ch'onma-ho MBTs. Outside parties codename the tank M-2002 because the tank went through performance trials on February 16, 2002 (therefore being officially confirmed by outside sources), although the tank may have been in existence since 1992.

The P'okp'ung-ho is only known to be used in North Korea.


  • Pokpung-ho I: The initial variant. Armed with the 115 mm 2A20 gun from the T-62 series and equipped with applique and spaced armor. First observed publicly during the spring of 2010.
  • Pokpung-ho II: A variant with heavily improved armament and protection, the Pokpung-Ho II mounts a 125 mm 2A26/46 smoothbore gun and has a new turret seemingly augmented with composite armour. ERA was also fitted on the front glacis. First observed publicly during the October 10, 2010 military parade. SA-7 MANPADS can also be fitted.
  • Pokpung-ho III: Currently the most advanced variant of the Pokpung-Ho, this version possesses most of the traits of the Pokpung-Ho II but has additional reactive armour on the turret front and forward part of the turret roof.
  • Pokpung-ho IV: An upgrade of the Pokpong-Ho I rather than II or III. 2 AT-5 Spandrel launchers fitted above main armament and 1 SA-16 MANPADS fitted on the turret rear.
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