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People's National Army

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The Armée Nationale Populaire (ANP) (in Arabic : الجيش الوطني الشعبي) is the land force of the Military of Algeria. The Armée Nationale Populaire's equipment is provided by Russia, and various other countries.

The Army include two armored and three mechanized divisions (IISS Military Balance 2007), one of which is the 8th Armored Division based at Ras El Ma, 90 kilometers from Sidi Bel Abbes, in the 2nd Military Region. The division was formed from the 8th Armored Brigade after 1988 (the 8th Armored Brigade seems to have been formed in 1976). Another is the 40th Mechanized Infantry Division apparently based in the 3rd Military Region. The mission of the 40th Division is usually the protection of the Algerian-Moroccan frontier. The IISS Military Balance 2013 named one of the other mechanized divisions as the 12th.

There is also French reporting of an airborne division formed in the early 1990s. A division with five airborne regiments, seemingly similar to the French reporting, was listed in the IISS Military Balance for 2001-02 and 2006. However it was not list in the 2007 edition of the Military Balance.

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