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Orenda PS.14 Haida

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The Orenda PS.14 Haida is an afterburning turbofan developed by Orenda for the CF-190 Crossbow. The Engine design was based around a scaled up derivative of the Eurojet EJ200's engine core. Early versions of the engine had a performance of 28,300 lbs of thrust dry and 44,200 lbs of thrust on the afterburners. Later model Haida engines generated 30,750 lbs of thrust dry and 46,000 lbs of thrust on the afterburners. The engine also has an on-board troubleshooter system developed by ATI Technologies to aid in engine maintenance. The major components are also designed with ease of replacement and repair in mind - all line-replaceable components were designed to be removed with just a handful of hand tools. This idea, copied from the Pratt and Whitney F135, when combined with the diagnostic computers, allows for faster replacement of troubled or broken parts, thus reducing the amount of time it took for the Haida to be repaired.

Originally, the Haida engine was only meant for the Crossbow, however the fact that the engine was about the same diameter as the General Electric F110 engine meant that it could also used on the Lockheed Martin CF-16K Sea Viper and Bombardier CF-184C Supercat. The first Haida powered Supercat flew on August 20th, 2012. The B-1R and F-35 would also be equipped with the Haida engine.


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