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NRB Republica (C13)

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The NRB Republica (C13) was a Colbert-class cruiser in service in the Brazilian Navy from 2006 onward. It is the most powerful surface combatant in South America.


  • Type: Cruiser (Pennant number C12)
  • Service Period: 1959-1991 (Marine Nationale); 2006-Present (Brazilian Navy)
  • Characteristics
    • Length: 625 feet (190.5 meters)
    • Beam: 66 feet 8 inches (20.32 meters)
    • Draft: 25 feet 11 inches (7.9 meters)
    • Displacement: 12,800 tons
  • Crew: 466
  • Propulsion:
    • 4 x GE/Avio LM2500 gas turbines, 2 x shafts, 110,000 shp (82,500 kW)
    • 2 x SEMT Pielstick 12PA6 STC diesel engines, 5,800 hp (4,350 kW)
  • Range: 5,500 nautical miles (10,186 kilometers) at 15 knots (27.78 km/h)
  • Speed: 33.4 Knots (61.86 km/h)
  • Sensor Suite
    • Selex ES EMPAR phased array G-Band Multi-function Radar
    • BAe/Thales Group S1850M L-Band Mult-function Radar
    • Selex RAN 30X/I E/F-Band Surface Search Radar
    • GEM Elettronica AN/SPN753(V)4 Navigation Radar
    • SELES ES RTN-30X Fire Direction Radar x 2
  • Countermeasures
    • AN/SLQ-25C Nixie Torpedo Countermeasures System
    • AN/SLQ-49 Chaff Buoy Decoy System
    • Elisra M275 Frequency Agile Electronic Warfare Suite
    • Rheinmetall Multi Ammunition Softkill System
  • Armament
    • 2 x OTO-Melara 127mm/64-caliber Lightweight naval gun
    • 4 x Otobreda 76mm/62-caliber naval guns
    • 1 x 48-cell SYLER A50 VLS (fires Aster 15 and Aster 30 AShMs)
    • 8 x MM40 Blk.3 Exocet AShMs
    • 2 x 6-cell Sadral Missile Launchers
    • 2 x 30mm Goalkeeper CIWS
  • Aircraft Carried: 2 x MH-16 Seahawk maritime helicopters


In 2003, the French government was looking to sell the aircraft carrier Clemenceau and cruiser Colbert to Canada. The debate on whether or not Canada could afford to have the cruiser and extra carrier in their navy. In 2003, the Canadian government refused the offer, although they did offer to help France find a buyer. Quickly, the Brazilian government offered to buy the carrier and cruiser from France. The Brazilian government also asked for blueprints of the proposed overhauls for the Clemenceau and Colbert from the Canadian government.

Both vessels would spend all of 2004 and 2005 in dry dock. The modifications to both were extensive. Both were outfitted with General Electric LM2500+ gas turbine engines (two for Republica, four for Brasilia) and fully electronic engine controls, along with improved electronics. The Colbert lost all of its 100mm and 57mm guns, replaced by two OTO-Melara 5"/64-caliber LW gun turrets and four 76mm Otobreda secondary guns. Her single funnel was ditched for dual funnels on the sides of the vessel, venting exhaust off the vessels. The rear sensor tower was removed, and a helicopter deck and hangar big enough to carry two Eurocopter AS532SC Cougar maritime helicopters. The fully automatic 76mm guns, extra electronic components and many other improvements brought the manpower needed to operate the cruiser down to 466 officers and men. Two Sadral SAM launchers, a 48-cell SYLVER A50 Vertical Launch system and four Exocet launchers were installed, and on top of the hangar two Goalkeeper CIWS systems were installed. The much-reduced manpower and much-improved HVAC systems made Republica as a very spacious vessel.

The Republica and Rio de Janiero would both be commissioned in late 2006. In October, the Republica along with the aircraft carrier Rio de Janiero and tanker Marajó on a trip up the coast of South, Central, and North America before heading to back to port.

In 2010, the Republica was part of the Brazilian task force participated in the 2010 Joint Warrior war games exercises off the coast of Britain.

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