Lockheed Martin CF-16K Fighting Falcon

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The General Dynamics-Lockheed Martin CF-216K Fighting Falcon is a supermaneuverable strike fighter based on the F-16XL that is used in several air forces as well as the RCAF and RCN FAA. It has 16 hardpoints, able to carry a pile of weaponry (up to 22,500 lbs), while still able to defend itself. The CF-16K is equipped with a weapons aiming system designed specifically to carry air-to-surface munitions and bombs and drop them with high accuracy. The Sea Viper is equipped with a non-afterburning version of the PS.14 Haida turbofan, but still capable of supercruise, and the wing gloves first developed by NASA to reduce drag. It has longer range than either of its fighter counterparts. While the Viper isn't as good of a fighter as the Typhoon, it can hold its own against whatever its opposition may be.

The Australian and Japanese navies also use the naval Viper (the Japanese ones made by Mitsubishi under license as the F-16KJ), and Brazil tested it but went with the Dassault Rafale for all uses. Several customers also bought variants of the CF-16K for land usage, with the largest users here being Iran, South Africa and Argentina.

Users[edit | edit source]

  • Argentina
    • Argentine Air Force
  • Australia
    • Royal Australian Navy
  • Canada
    • Canadian Forces
      • Canadian Forces Air Command/Royal Canadian Air Force
        • 406 Attack Fighter Squadron
        • 415 Attack Fighter Squadron
        • 418 Attack Fighter Squadron
        • 420 Attack Fighter Squadron
        • 428 Attack Fighter Squadron
        • 433 Attack Fighter Squadron
        • 449 Attack Fighter Squadron
        • 461 Attack Fighter Squadron
      • Canadian Forces Maritime Command/Royal Canadian Navy
        • VA-810 "Hellions"
        • VA-811 "The Uninvited"
        • VA-812 "Sea Dragons"
        • VA-813 "Chargers"
        • VA-814 "Warhorses"
        • VA-815 "Seahawks"
  • Iran
    • Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force - built under license as the HESA Kowsar
  • Japan
    • Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force - built under license as the F-16KJ
  • South Africa
    • South African Air Force

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