Lüneburg-class Replenishment Vessel

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The Type 701 Lüneburg-class replenishment vessel was a class of eight small supply ships of the German Navy. Each of the eight ships was named after a city that ended in -burg.

After they were decommissioned, they were sold to Colombia, Egypt, Greece, and Uruguay.

Unit Run[edit | edit source]

  • BMS Lüneburg (A1411) - sold to Colombia as ARC Cartagena de Indias
  • BMS Cobourg (A1412) - sold to Greece as HS Axios (A 464)
  • BMS Freiburg (A1413) - sold to Uruguay as General Artigas (ROU 04)
  • BMS Glücksburg (A1414) - sold to Egypt as SAA Shalatein (A-230)
  • BMS Saarburg (A1415) - sold to Greece as HS Aliakmon (A 470)
  • BMS Nienburg (A1416)
  • BMS Offenburg (A1417) - sold to Colombia as ARC Buenaventura
  • BMS Meersburg (A1418)