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Kentaurus IFV

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The ELVO Kentaurus is an armored infantry fighting vehicle (ΑIFV) designed and developed by the Greek vehicle builder ELVO. Its history is connected with the need for an advanced AIFV by the Greek Armed Forces. The vehicle takes its name from the Greek word for Centaur the creature from Greek mythology. After aborted efforts including Leonidas-2 variants and other attempted improvements and joint developments, ELVO worked entirely on its own, on a new design according to the specifications given at the time by the Hellenic Army. The resulting AIFV developed by the Greek company, named 'Kentaurus' ('ΚΕΝΤΑΥΡΟΣ'), was officially introduced at the Defendory Arms Exhibition in Athens in 1998. It features a 420hp MTU Diesel engine, 30mm EBO cannon and 7.62 mm machine-gun (built on Mauser and Rheinmetall designs), Pyrkal smoke-grenade launchers, Toxotis computerized fire control system and KUKA turret. The crew is 3+8, maximum speed on roads is 75 km/h and maximum weight is 19.8 tons.

After successful tests by the Greek Army, it was approved and an initial order for 150 vehicles was placed.


  • Greece
    • Hellenic Army
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