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The Dutch frigate HNLMS Van Speijk (F828) at sea on February 1st, 2006.

The Karel Doorman-class is a class of eight multi-purpose frigates of the Royal Netherlands Navy. The class is also known as the "Multi-purpose" or M class. The ships are named after famous Dutch naval officers, the lead ship being named after Karel Doorman. In 2008, the Karel Doorman (F827) was renamed the Adelaer after the commissioning of the multirole vessel Karel Doorman (L802).

A total of fourteen ships were built; eight for the Royal Netherlands Navy, two for the Belgian Navy, two for the Chilean Navy and two for the Portuguese Navy.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

  • Type: Frigate
  • Service Period: 1991-Present
  • Characteristics:
    • Length: 401 feet (122.22 meters)
    • Beam: 47 feet (14.33 meters)
    • Draught: 20 feet (6.1 meters)
    • Displacement: 2,800 tons standard; 3,320 tons full load
  • Crew: 154
  • Propulsion: CODAG, 2 x Rolls Royce (Spey 1A) 16700 hp (12.45 MW) gas turbines, 2 x Stork-Werkspoor 4895 hp (3.650 MW) diesel engines
  • Speed: 30 knots (55.56 km/h)
  • Sensor Suite:
    • Thales Smart-S Mk.1 long-range 3D survaillance and tracking radar
    • Thales LW08 long-range surveillance radar
    • Thales SeaWatcher 100 active phased array surface detection and tracking radar (NLD and BE ships only)
    • Thales GateKeeper Electro-optical 360° survaillance system (NLD and BE ships only)
    • Thales STIR 1.8 Tracking and Illumination Radar system
    • Thales Scout surface surveillance and tactical navigation radar
    • Thales PHS-36 Hull-mounted sonar
    • Thales Anaconda VLF passive tactical towed array sonar
  • Armament:
    • 1 x OTO Melara 76mm/62-caliber Super Rapid naval gun
    • 2 x 8-cell Mk.48 VLS (fires RIM-66 Standard SAMs)
    • 1 x 8-cell Mk.29 Launcher (fires RIM-7 Sea Sparrow SAMs)
    • 2 x 4-cannister Mk.141 SSM Launchers (fires RGM-84 Harpoon AShMs)
    • 2 x 12.75" Mk.32 SVTT (fires Mk.46 lightweight torpedoes)
    • 1 x 30mm Goalkeeper CIWS
    • 6 x Browning M2 12.7mm machine guns
    • 6 x FN MAG 7.62mm machine guns
  • Aircraft Carried: HN90 (Belgium and Netherlands), AS532 Cougar (Chile) and Westland Lynx (Portugal)
  • Aviation Facilities: helicopter hangar and flightdeck

Unit Run[edit | edit source]

Royal Netherlands Navy[edit | edit source]

  • HNLMS Adelaer (F827)
  • HNLMS Van Speijk (F828)
  • HNLMS William van der Zaan (F829)
  • HNLMS Tjerk Hiddes (F830)
  • HNLMS Van Amstel (F831)
  • HNLMS Abraham van der Hulst (F832)
  • HNLMS Van Nes (F833)
  • HNLMS Van Galen (F834)

Beglian Navy[edit | edit source]

  • BNS Leopold I (F930)
  • BNS Louise-Marie (F931)

Chilean Navy[edit | edit source]

  • BAC Blanco Encalada (FF-15)
  • BAC Almirante Riveros (FF-18)

Portuguese Navy[edit | edit source]

  • NRP Bartolomeu Dias (F333)
  • NRP Francisco de Almeida (F334)