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Kamorta-class Corvette

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The Kamorta-class corvettes are the Indian Navy's next-generation anti submarine warfare platform, built under Project 28. They are being built at Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE), Kolkata. The first corvette is expected to be delivered to the Indian Navy in 2012. All the four corvettes are planned to be handed over to the Indian Navy by the year 2014.

Project 28 is the primary project for driving indigenisation and developing the warship construction industry in India. The aim with this project is to stipulate unprecedented standards while providing opportunities to Indian vendors to develop expertise with the technology. The project, driven by the Navy's Directorate of Indigenisation, has been delayed by two years with a cost overrun from the originally estimated INR28 billion (US$512 million) to INR70 billion (US$1 billion), primarily to meet this goal.

The order for the first four corvettes was placed in 2003, with construction commencing on 12 August 2005.


  • Type: Stealth ASW Corvette
  • Service Period: 2014-
  • Characteristics
    • Length: 358 feet (109.12 meters)
    • Beam: 45 feet (13.72 meters)
    • Displacement: 3,400 tons (Full Load)
  • Crew: 195 (15 officers and 180 sailors)
  • Propulsion: 4 x Pielstick 12 PA6 STC Diesel engines, CODAD, DCNS raft mounted gearbox
  • Range: 3,450 nautical miles (6,390 kilometers) at 25 knots (46.3 km/h)
  • Speed: 32 knots (61.12 km/h)
  • Sensor Suite
    • Revati Central Acquisition Radar
    • EL/M-2221 STGR fire-control radar
    • BEL Shikari
    • BEL RAWL02 (Signaal LW08) antenna communication grid – Gigabit Ethernet-based integrated ship borne data network, with a fibre optic cable backbone running through the vessel
    • HUMSA (Hull Mounted Sonar Array)
  • Electronic Warfare and Countermeasures
    • Bomber Electronic warfare (EW) suites – BEL Ajanta
  • Armament
    • 1 x Otobreda 76.2mm Super Rapid Fire naval gun
    • 2 x 8-cell Barak SAM Launchers
    • 8 x 3M-54 Klub cruise missiles
    • 2 x RBU-6000 ASW Rocket Launchers
    • 2 x triple fire ASW torpedo tubes
    • 2 x AK-630M CIWS
  • Aircraft Carried: 1 x Westland Sea King Mk.42B maritime helicopter

Unit Run[edit]

  • INS Kamorta (P28)
  • INS Kadmatt (P29)
  • INS Kiltan (P30)
  • INS Kavaratti (P31)
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