Köln-class Frigate

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The ships of the F120 Köln-class of frigates were the first major warships built in Germany after World War II.

They were the world's first ships to feature a combined diesel and gas propulsion system. The ships received numerous refits during their long careers with new electronics and torpedo tubes. They were replaced by Type 122 frigates in the 1980s and four ships were sold to the Turkish Navy.

Unit Run[edit | edit source]

  • BMS Köln (F220) - Used as hulk in Neustadt in Holstein, broken up as Ex-Köln in Kampen in 2016.
  • BMS Emden (F221) - Sold to the Turkish Navy as TCG Gemlik (D361), destroyed in a fire.
  • BMS Augsburg (F222) - Broken up in Hamburg.
  • BMS Karlsruhe (F223) - Sold to the Turkish Navy as TCG Gelibolu (D360).
  • BMS Lübeck (F224) - Sold to the Turkish Navy for cannibalization.
  • BMS Braunschweig (F225) - Sold as TCG Gemlik (D361) to the Turkish Navy, replaced ex-Emden.