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Japan Air Self-Defense Force

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The Japan Air Self-Defense Force (航空自衛隊 Kōkū Jieitai?), or JASDF, is the aviation branch of the Japan Self-Defense Forces responsible for the defense of Japanese airspace and other aerospace operations. The JASDF carries out combat air patrols around Japan, while also maintaining an extensive network of ground and air early warning radar systems. The branch also has an aerobatic team known as Blue Impulse and has recently been involved in providing air transport in several UN peacekeeping missions.

The JASDF has an estimated 62,000 personnel in 2005. As of 2010, the JASDF operates 805 aircraft, 424 of them being fighter aircraft.

Force Structure[edit]


  • Active Duty Personnel: 62,000
  • Reserve Personnel: 38,800
  • Number of Bases: 9
  • Fixed-Wing Aicraft: 895
  • Helicopters: 96


  • Prime Minister of Japan
    • Minister of Defense
      • JASDF Chief of Staff / Air Staff Office
        • Air Defense Command: Yokota AB, Fussa, Tokyo
          • Northern Air Defense Force: Misawa Air Base, Aomori
            • 2nd Air Wing (Chitose Air Base: 201SQ, Mitsubishi F-15J/DJ, Kawasaki T-4; 203SQ, F-15J/DJ, T-4)
            • 3rd Air Wing (Misawa Air Base: 3SQ, Mitsubishi F-16J, T-4; 8SQ, F-16J, T-4)
            • Northern Aircraft Control & Warning Wing
            • 3rd Air Defense Missile Group
            • 6th Air Defense Missile Group
          • Central Air Defense Force: Iruma, Saitama
            • 6th Air Wing (Komatsu Air Base: 303SQ, F-15J/DJ, T-4; 306SQ, F-15J/DJ, T-4)
            • 7th Air Wing (Hyakuri Air Base: 302SQ, F-4EJ-Kai, T-4; 305SQ, F-15J/DJ, T-4)
            • Middle Aircraft Control & Warning Wing
            • 1st Air Defense Missile Group
            • 4th Air Defense Missile Group
            • Iwo Jima Air Base Group
          • Western Air Defense Force: Kasuga, Fukuoka
            • 5th Air Wing (Nyutabaru Air Base: 301SQ, F-4EJ-Kai, T-4)
            • 8th Air Wing (Tsuiki Air Base: 304SQ, F-15J/DJ, T-4; 6SQ, F-16J, T-4)
            • Western Aircraft Control & Warning Wing
            • 2nd Air Defense Missile Group
          • Southwestern Composite Air Division: [Naha, Okinawa
            • 83d Air Wing (Naha Air Base: 204SQ, F-15J/DJ, T-4)
            • Southwestern Aircraft Control & Warning Group
            • 5th Air Defense Missile Group
          • Airborne Early Warning Group: Misawa Air Base(E-2C), Hamamatsu Air Base(E-767)
          • Tactical Reconnaissance Group: Hyakuri Air Base(F-4 Phantom II RF-4E/RF-4EJ)
          • Tactical Fighter Training Group: Nyutabaru Air Base(F-15DJ/J, T-4)
          • Air Defense Missile Training Group: Hamamatsu, Chitose
          • Air Defense Command Headquarters Flight Group (Iruma Air Base: Gulfstream G400/G450 U-4, YS-11 EA,YS-11EB, Kawasaki T-4|T-4, Kawasaki C-1/EC-1)
      • Air Support Command: Fuchū, Tokyo
        • Air Rescue Wing (UH-60J, BAe U-125A, CH-47J, KV-107)
        • 1st Tactical Airlift Wing (Komaki Air Base: 401SQ, +C-130H; 404SQ, KC-767J)
        • 2nd Tactical Airlift Wing (Iruma Air Base: 402SQ, Kawasaki C-1, U-4)
        • 3rd Tactical Airlift Wing (Miho Air Base: 403SQ, C-1,YS-11NT/P; 41SQ, T-400 Jayhawk)
        • Air Traffic Control Service Group
        • Air Weather Service Group
        • Flight Check Squadron (Iruma Air Base: U-125,YS-11FC)
        • Special Airlift Group (Chitose Air Base: Boeing B747-400)
      • Air Training Command: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
        • 1st Air Wing (Hamamatsu Air Base: 31SQ, Kawasaki T-4; 32SQ, T-4)
        • 4th Air Wing (Matsushima Air Base: 21SQ, Mitsubishi F-16DJ; 11SQ, T-4 Blue Impulse)
        • 11th Flying Training Wing (Shizuhama Air Base: 1SQ, Fuji T-7; 2SQ, T-7)
        • 12th Flying Training Wing (Hōfu kita Air Base: 1SQ, T-7; 2SQ, T-7)
        • 13th Flying Training Wing (Ashiya Air Base: 1SQ, T-4; 2SQ, T-4)
        • Air Basic Training Wing
        • Flying Training Squadron (Nyutabaru Air Base: F-15DJ/J,T-4)
        • Air Training Aids Group
        • Air Officer Candidate School
        • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Technical School
      • Air Development and Test Command: Iruma Air Base, Saitama
        • Air Development and Test Wing (Gifu Air Base: F-15J/DJ, F-16J, C-1FTB, F-4EJ, F-4EJ-kai, T-7, T-4)
        • Electronics Development and Test Group
        • Aeromedical Laboratory
      • Air Material Command: Jujou, Tokyo
        • 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Air Depot
      • Air Staff College
      • Air Communications and Systems Wing
      • Aerosafety Service Group
      • Central Air Base Group
      • Others

Aircraft Used in the JASDF[edit]

  • Fighters
  • Trainers
    • 208 x Kawasaki T-4 (Trainer)
    • 13 x Raytheon Hawker 400 (Trainer)
    • 48 x Kawasaki T-7 (Trainer)
    • 48 x Mitsubishi F-15DJ Eagle (Trainer)
  • Transport Aircraft
    • 15 x Lockheed C-130H Hercules (Tactical Airlifter)
    • 25 x Kawasaki C-1 (Tactical Airlifter)
    • 4 x Boeing KC-767J (Aerial Tanker)
    • 2 x Boeing 747-200 (VIP Transport)
    • 5 x U-4 Gulfstream IV (VIP Transport)
    • 13 x NAMC YS-11 (Transport Aircraft)
    • 32 x British Aerospace U-125 BAe 125 (VIP Transport)
  • AEW/EW Aircraft
    • 8 x Boeing E-767 (Airborne Early Warning and Control)
    • 20 x Grumman E-2C Hawkeye (Airborne Early Warning)
    • 1 x Kawasaki EC-1 (Electronic Warfare)
  • Helicopters
    • 15 x Boeing CH-47J Chinook (Transport Helicopter)
    • 45 x Mitsubishi UH-60J Black Hawk (SAR Helicopter)
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