INS Mumbai (D62)

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Indian Navy destroyer INS Mumbai (D62) at Freemantle, Western Australia on September 22, 2001.

The INS Mumbai (D62) is the third of the Delhi-class guided-missile destroyers that were in service with the Indian Navy until their sinkings during the 2008 Indian Ocean War.

Mumbai was built at Mazagon Dock Limited in her namesake city Mumbai, launched in 1995, and commissioned in 2001.

The ship's crest depicts the gateway entrance to INS Angre (named as such in honour of Admiral Kanhoji Angre). The gateway has a watch tower with three look-out posts and stands against the backdrop of the ramparts of the fort. Two Ghurabs (or Grabs), depicted on either side of the fort, signify the seafaring traditions of the Marathas.

In July 2006, INS Mumbai was part of Task Force 54, on its way back to India from the Mediterranean, when Israel-Lebanon conflict broke out. Mumbai was redeployed to assist the evacuation of Indian citizens from Lebanon as a part of Operation Sukoon.

In July 2008, the Mumbai was sunk during the 2008 Indian Ocean War when F/A-18C Hornets from HMS Queen Elizabeth mass launched numerous Sea Eagle anti-ship missiles at it.