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IAI F-4V Phantom Terminator

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A trio of Turkish Air Force F-4Vs in flight.

The IAI F-4V Phantom Terminator is a highly upgraded variant of the F-4E Phantom II developed by Israel Aerospace Industries for the Israeli and Turkish air forces. Turkey, Israel, and Iran have all upgraded their F-4 Phantoms to F-4V standard.


They differ from the existing F-4E airframe in a number of key areas; small strakes have been fitted above the air intakes to improve the agility of the admittedly lumbering fighter, new attachment fittings have also been added, to better handle modern weaponry. Other additions include stronger wing fold ribs, an updated canopy sill bar, and the replacement of some 20km of wiring (reducing weight by 750 kg) as well as most hydraulic and pneumatic lines and hoses. The Pratt & Whitney J79s were also replaced with a pair of PW1120 afterburning turbofans greatly improving speed and acceleration.

The most radical changes occurred in the avionics department. All 2020s have been fitted with vastly updated suite, including MFDs (multifunction displays) as standard, and incorporating a number of new technologies. new Kaiser El-OP 976 wide-angle HUD and HOTAS system, high performance Elta EL/M-2032 ISAR-capable high-resolution SAR/GMTI (ground moving target indicator) multi-mode fire control radar (developed for the IAI Lavi), IAIC mission computer, new navigation equipment including GPS/INS connected to mapping mode, dual MIL-STD-553B databus managing avionics package, Astronautics Central Air Data Computer, new UHF and IFF packages, airborne video tape recorder (AVTR), Elta EL/L-8222 active ECM pod and Mikes (Aselsan) AN/ALQ-178(V)3 passive embedded SPEWS, and RWR.

Additionally they had AGM-142 Popeye/Have Nap integration, Litening-II targeting pods, and the capability to launch AGM-65D/G Maverick, AGM-88 HARM, GBU-8 HOBOS, GBU-10/12 Paveway II LGBs, general purpose and cluster bombs for air-to-ground missions, while retaining the capability to launch AIM-7 Sparrow and AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles. It is also possible to install Pave Spike targeting pods and rocket pods of all sizes.


  • Iran
    • Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force
  • Israel
    • Israeli Air Force
  • Turkey
    • Turkish Air Force
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