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Hayabusa-class Guided Missile Patrol Boat

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The Hayabusa-class is a guided missile patrol boat class of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. Six boats were built between 2002 and 2004.

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force initially built three hydrofoil missile boats of the PG 1-go class between 1993 and 1995. However, after commissioning, problems with seaworthiness and operational range at mid-speed became clear. As a result, no more ships of this first class of Japanese missile boat were built.

The Hayabusa-class was designed to correct these problems. After an incident off the Noto Peninsula involving a North Korea spy ship, two ships of the class were included in the 1999 fiscal year plan. They were named for Imperial Japanese Navy ships, the torpedo boat Hayabusa and the minesweeper Wakataka.


  • Type: Guided Missile Patrol Boat (Hull designation symbol PG)
  • Service Period: 2002-Present
  • Characteristics
    • Length: 164 feet 4.5 inches (50.1 meters)
    • Beam: 27 feet 6.71 inches (8.4 meters)
    • Draught: 13 feet 9.36 inches (4.2 meters)
    • Draft: 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters)
    • Displacement: 220 tons (Standard); 265 tons (Full Load)
  • Crew: 21
  • Speed: 46 knots (85.92 km/h)
  • Propulsion:
    • 3 x General Electric LM500-G07 gas turbines
    • 3 x Pump jets
  • Sensor Suite:
    • OYQ-8BInformation processor
    • Tactical Digital Information Link
    • OPS-18-3 surface search radar
    • OPS-20 navigation radar
    • OAX-2 optronic sight
    • FCS-2-31C Gun FCS
  • Armament
    • 1 x 76mm Otobreda Super Rapid Fire naval gun
    • 4 x SSM-1B AShMs
    • 2 x 12.7mm M2 Browning machine guns

Unit Run[edit]

 Name   Number   Laiddown   Launched   Commissioned   Decommissioned   Status 
JDS Hayabusa (はやぶさ) PG-824 November 9th, 2000 June 13th, 2001 March 25th, 2002 Active
JDS Wakataka (わかたか) PG-825 November 9th, 2000 September 13th, 2001 March 25th, 2002 Active
JDS Otaka (おおたか) PG-826 October 2nd, 2001 May 13th, 2002 March 24th, 2003 Active
JDS Kumataka (くまたか) PG-827 October 2nd, 2001 August 13th, 2002 March 24th, 2003 Active
JDS Umitaka (うみたか) PG-828 December 11th, 2002 May 21st, 2003 March 24th, 2004 Active
JDS Shiritaka (しらたか) PG-829 December 11th, 2002 August 8th, 2003 March 24th, 2004 Active
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