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The Harbin Z-9 (NATO reporting name "Haitun", Chinese: 海豚 for Dolphin) is a Chinese military utility helicopter. It is a licensed variant of the French Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin II, and is manufactured by Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation.

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • Z-9: License-produced variant of the French AS365N1 Dauphin II.
  • Z-9A: Kit-built variant of the AS365N2.
  • Z-9A-100: Prototypes for domestic market versions with WZ8A engines. First flight January 16th 1992, approved December 30th 1992.
  • Z-9B: Initial version based on Z-9A-100. Multirole.
  • Z-9C: License-produced variant of the Eurocopter AS565 Panther for the PLA Naval Air Force.
  • Z-9EC: ASW variant produced for the Pakistan Naval Air Arm. Configured with pulse-compression radar, low frequency dipping sonar, radar warning receiver and doppler navigation system, it is also armed with torpedoes for use aboard the Pakistan Navy's Zulfiquar-class frigates.
  • Z-9EH: Transport, emergency and/or passenger variant.
  • Z-9W: Armed version with optional pylon-mounted armament, gyro stabilization and roof-mounted optical sight. Export designation Z-9G, roof-mounted sight optional. First flown in 1987, with the first weapons tests in 1989.
  • Z-9WA: A newer night-capable version has been built with nose-mounted FLIR. July 2011, Xinhua News Agency released a photo of Z-9WA firing AKD10 air-to-ground missile. Incorporates a domestic Chinese helmet mounted sight that is compatible with anti-tank missiles such as HJ-8 /9/ 10, as well as light anti-ship missiles such as C-701/703 and TL-1/ 10 when they are used as air-to-surface missiles, air-to-air missiles such as TY-90 and other MANPAD missiles for self-defense.
  • H410A: Version with 635 kW WZ8C turbo-shaft engines. First flight September 2001, CAAC certification 10 July 2002. One is currently being fitted with a new Mast-Mounted Sighting (MMS) system.
  • H425: Newest VIP version of the H410A.
  • H450: Projected development.
  • Harbin Z-19: Attack helicopter development with tandem seats. The Z-19 shares the same powerplant as the Z-9WA.

Operators[edit | edit source]

  • Bangladesh
    • Bangladesh Navy
  • Bolivia
    • Bolivian Air Force
  • Cambodia
    • Cambodian Air Force
    • Cambodian Gendarmerie
  • Cameroon
    • Cameroon Air Force
  • People's Republic of China
    • People's Liberation Army Air Force
    • People's Liberation Army Navy
  • Djibouti
    • Djibouti Air Force
  • Ghana
    • Ghana Air Force
  • Kenya
    • Kenya Defence Forces
  • Laos
    • Lao People's Liberation Army Air Force
  • Mali
    • Mali Air Force
  • Mauritania
    • Mauritanian Air Force
  • Namibia
    • Namibian Air Force
  • Pakistan
    • Pakistan Naval Air Arm
  • Venezuela
    • Venezuelan Navy
  • Zambia
    • Zambian Air Force

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