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HMS Prince of Wales (CVF-02)

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HMS Prince of Wales (R11/CVF-02) is the second Queen Elizabeth-class supercarrier in service in the Royal Navy.

In January 2010, the Prince of Wales was in the Caribbean when Haiti suffered a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. During the crisis it was used as a way station by American and Canadian C-2 Greyhounds transporting men and supplies to the disaster zone.

In 2016, Prince of Wales did a round the world tour.

In 2023, Prince of Wales would take part in the Second Korean War being escorted by destroyers Daring, Diamond and Duncan, frigates Northumberland, Argyll, Arunta and Te Mana, submarines Astute and Torbay, and fleet tanker Wave Ruler.

Prince of Wales took part in the 2030 RIMPAC exercises where it, along with HMAS Australia, HMCS Victorious and JS Haku, faced off against the four American carriers, USS George Washington, USS John C. Stennis, USS Ronald Reagan and USS Gerald R. Ford in a massive mock carrier battle.

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