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HMCS Newfoundland (DDG-289)

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The HMCS Newfoundland (DDG-289) is a Type 42 Destroyer in service in the Canadian Forces Maritime Command from 1988 onwards. Before its service in the CFMARCOM, it served in the Argentine Navy as the ARA Santisima Trinidad (B-53) from July 1st, 1981 to September 10th, 1987 when she was sold and her sister ship Hercules were to Canada for $75 million USD (1987 dollars) because of the Argentine government was unable to maintain them for all the obvious reasons.

On August 9th, 1989 the Newfoundland would be part of a battlegroup led by HMCS Eagle when it transited to the Caribbean for exercises. On August 20th, HMCS Newfoundland picked up a pair of vessels moving very rapidly on the water, headed for the United States. Newfoundland requested the vessels identify themselves, and when they didn't respond, dispatched its Sea King to track it down. The helicopter noted that the vessels looked to be lengthened speedboats, so-called "gofast" boats commonly used by drug smugglers. Realizing this, HMCS Halifax and two Sea Kings, one form the Halifax and the other from HMCS Terra Nova, chased the boats down. One of the men on the boats fired on the helicopter, and a crewman on the Sea King shot back, disabling the boat. A boarding crew from HMCS Newfoundland boarded the vessel, discovering over 1300 pounds of cocaine in the vessel's hull.

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