HMCS Lake Superior (SSN-876)

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The HMCS Lake Superior (SSN-876) is the first of three Lake Superior-class nuclear powered fast attack submarines serving in the Royal Canadian Navy.

Lake Superior was laid down at the MIL Davie Shipyard in Montreal, Quebec on January 10th 1989 and launched on October 26th 1990. She was commissioned in February 1993.

On July 10th 1999, Lake Superior would join the aircraft carrier Warrior taking part in the British Commonwealth intervention in East Timor.

In mid-2004, Lake Superior took part in RIMPAC 2004 where it "sank" the American submarines Houston and Seawolf.

In 2006, Lake Superior would again join the supercarrier Warrior, this time on a circumnavigation of the world stopping at New York, Dublin, Southampton, Rotterdam, Brest, Gibraltar, Barcelona, Naples, Athens, Izmir, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Karachi, Mumbai, Colombo, Perth, Jakarta, Singapore, Hong Kong, Nagasaki, Incheon, Tokyo, Pearl Harbor, San Francisco and Seattle finishing in Vancouver.

In May 2011, Lake Superior would escort HMCS Warrior as it transited the Northwest Passage from Vancouver BC to Saint John NB. During the trip, Lake Superior trying for a hull shot on an Oscar-II, but wasn't able to get close enough.

In 2030, Lake Superior and its sister ships were in attendance at the 2030 RIMPAC exercises.

The Lake Superior-class SSNs were decommissioned in the 2030s as the Kingsmill-class nuclear attack submarines entered service.