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HMAS Hobart (D45)

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HMS Hobart (D45) is the first of four Hobart-class air defense destroyers in the Royal Australian Navy. It is named after named after the city of Hobart, Tasmania.


Hobart was laid down on September 6th, 2002 at the ASC Shipyard in Osborne, South Australia with the modules being fabricated by ASC in South Australia, BAE Systems Australia in Victoria, and Forgacs Group in New South Wales, with final assembly of the ship at ASC's shipyard in Osborne, South Australia.. It was launched May 23rd, 2005 and commissioned in June 2007.

In June 2008, the Hobart was part of a carrier group led by the HMAS Australia when it was attacked by fighters from the Indian and Pakistani air forces. During the attack, Hobart along with frigates Sydney and Anzac were hit with BrahMos anti-ship missiles. While Hobart and Sydney were damaged, Anzac was sunk along with all but fourteen crewmembers.

During and after the 2008 Indian Ocean War, Hobart would spend several months being completely repaired.

In 2014, the Indian aircraft INS Vikramaditya sailed towards Australia and had its MiG-29Ks attempt to make a flyover over the city of Perth. RAAF F-15C Eagles and CF-190B Crossbows scrambled to intercept them, and destroyer Hobart, along with frigates Stuart and Broken Hill raced out to meet the Indian fleet.

In 2023, the Hobart was assigned as an escort to Surface Strike Force Four which was led by the American battleship Wisconsin.

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