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The Eurocopter EC145 is a twin-engine light utility helicopter developed and manufactured by Airbus Helicopters. Originally referred to as the BK 117 C2, the EC145 is based upon the MBB/Kawasaki BK-117 C1, which became a part of the combined Eurocopter line-up in 1992 with the merger of Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm's helicopter division of Daimler-Benz and the helicopter division of Aérospatiale-Matra to form Eurocopter.

The EC145 is a twin-engine aircraft and can carry up to nine passengers along with two crew, depending on customer configuration. The helicopter is marketed for passenger transport, corporate transport, emergency medical services (EMS), search and rescue, parapublic and utility roles. In 2014, the EC145 was rebranded as the H145 by Airbus Helicopters. Military variants of the helicopter have also been produced under various designations, such as H145M or UH-72, and have been used for training, logistics, medical evacuation, reconnaissance, light attack, and troop-transport operations.

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • EC145: Basic model introduced, derived from preceding BK 117 C-1; this variant is powered by Turbomeca Arriel 1E2 turboshaft engines and has a conventional high boom tail rotor. EC145 is a marketing name for the BK 117 C-2.
  • ACH145: Corporate model by Airbus Corporate Helicopters offered in two product lines: the ACH Line, formerly the Stylence, and the Mercedes-Benz Style, part of the ACH Editions product line. The ACH145 interior options include seating configurations, upholstery, trim, lighting, carpet and storage. The Mercedes-Benz Style airframe has a redesigned nose and modified skids.
  • EC145e: Variant of the base EC145 for utility purposes, featuring new Garmin G500H digital cockpit and the removal of some elements such as the automatic flight control system, along with the adoption of a standardised interior, for weight reduction purposes. EC145e is a marketing name for the BK 117 C-2e.
  • H145: Updated version of EC145, initially designated as EC145 T2. Features a conventional tail rotor replaced by a fenestron shrouded tail rotor. Other changes include the installation of more powerful (775 kilowatts (1,039 shp) Arriel 2E engines, and various new avionics.
  • H145M: Militarised version of the H145; briefly designated as EC645 T2. It can be outfitted with ballistic protection, self-sealing fuel tanks, electro optical/infrared sensor, retractable pintle-mounted 7.62mm FN MAG machine guns or M134 miniguns, military-grade communications and navigational systems and an electronic warfare self-protection system. HForce weapon system for hardpoints scheduled to receive qualification in end of 2018.
  • UH-72A Lakota: A militarised Light Utility Helicopter based on the basic EC145 model; operated by the United States Army.

Users[edit | edit source]

  • Albania
    • Albanian Air Force x 2
  • Belgium
    • Belgian Air Component x 16 on order
  • Bolivia
    • Bolivian Air Force x 4
  • Ecuador
    • Ecuadorian Air Force x 6
  • France
    • French Gendarmerie
  • Germany
    • German Army x 7
    • Luftwaffe x 16
  • Hungary
    • Hungarian Air Force x 20
  • Kazakhstan
    • Kazakh Air Force x 12
  • Luxembourg
    • Luxembourg Army x 1
  • Serbia
    • Serbian Air Force x 7 - 2 more on order
    • Serbian Army x 5
  • Thailand
    • Royal Thai Army x 6 + 15 UH-72 Lakota
    • Royal Thai Navy x
  • Turkmenistan
    • Turkmen Air Force x 2
  • United Kingdom
    • Royal Air Force
  • United States
    • United States Army x 380 - see Eurocopter UH-72 Lakota
    • United States Navy
      • United States Naval Test Pilot School x 6

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