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Ecuadorian Navy

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The Ecuadorian Navy is responsible for the surveillance and protection of national maritime territory and has a personnel of 9,127 men to protect a coastline of 2,237 km which reaches far into the Pacific Ocean. The vessels are identified by the ship prefix BAE: Buque de la Armada del Ecuador (Ship of the Ecuadorian Navy).

Coast Guard[edit]

The Coast Guard (Cuerpo de Guardacostas de la Armada) became fully operational in 1980. Their mission is to control maritime activities on national territory, including all river zones. The objective is the internal security, protection of human life at sea and environmental protection. It disposes of around 250 men and 30 major as well as 40 smaller, partially very modern patrol vessels. In 2011 Ecuador ordered four 87 foot (26.52 meter) long patrol vessels based on the Damen Stan 2600 design for the Coast Guard.


The Naval Infantry Corps (Cuerpo de Infanteria de Marina) was formed on November 12th, 1962. It maintains a strength of around 1700 marines, with their HQ in Guayaquil. The units are individually spread across the naval coast of Ecuador and are equipped with infantry support weapons, including 60 mm and 81 mm mortars, 106 mm recoilless rifles (RCLs) and Humvees. However, it lacks amphibious assault and sealift capacity. The Ecuadorian Marines are to maintain a high level of alert in order to execute special operations in difficult territory as well as to provide a fast response to counter amphibious incursions. Structure:

  • Escuela de la Infanteria Marina (Naval Infantry School)
  • Compañia de Seguridad "Guayaquil" (Security Detachment)
  • Batallon de Infanteria Marina "Jambeli"
  • Battallon de Infanteria Marina "San Eduardo"
  • Battallon de Infanteria Marina "San Lorenzo"
  • Battallon de Infanteria Marina "Jaramijo"
  • Battallon de Infanteria Marina "Esmeraldas"


Active Ships[edit]

  • Condell-class Frigate (2) - 2008
    • BAE Morán Valverde (FM-01) - former BAC Almirante Lynch (PFG-07)
    • BAE Presidente Eloy Alfaro (FM-02) - former BAC Almirante Condell (PFG-06)
  • Esmeraldas-class Corvette (6) - 1982
    • BAE Esmeraldas (CM-11)
    • BAE Manabí (CM-12)
    • BAE Los Rios (CM-13)
    • BAE El Oro (CM-14)
    • BAE Galápagos (CM-15)
    • BAE Loja (CM-16)
  • Type 209/1300 Submarine (2) - 1977
    • BAE Shyri (S101)
    • BAE Huancavilca (S102)
  • Brenta-class Water Harbour Tanker (1) - 1963
    • BAE Atahualpa (TR-63)
  • Huacolpo-class (LST-542 class) Transport (1) - 1977
    • BAE Huacolpo (TR-61)
  • Abnaki-class Tug (1) - 1977
    • BAE Chimborazo (RA-70)
  • Orion-class Oceanographic Survey Ship (1) - 1981
    • BAE Orion (BI-91)
  • Taurus-class Coastal Oil Tanker (1) - 1987
    • BAE Taurus (TR-65)
  • Waterfall-class Water Harbour Tanker (1) -
    • BAE Quisquis (TR-64)
  • Kintebury-class Ammunition Supply Ship (1) - 1992
    • BAE Calicuchima (TR-62)
  • Sirius-class Oceanographic Survey Ship (1) - 2011
    • BAE Sirius (BT-92)
  • Guayas-class Sail Training Ship (1) - 1977
    • BAE Guayas (BE-21)
  • Quito-class Fast Attack Craft (3) - 1977
    • BAE Quito (LM-25)
    • BAE Guayaquil (LM-26)
    • BAE Cuenca (LM-27)

Aircraft Inventory[edit]

Maritime Patrol Aircraft[edit]

Utility Aircraft[edit]

  • Beechcraft Super King Air B200/300/350 x 4 (Light Transport)
  • CASA CN-235M-100 x 2 (Tactical Transport)


  • Bell 206B x 4 (Training Helicopter)
  • Bell 230T x 2 (Radar Surveillance Helicopter)
  • Bell 430 x 2 (Utility Helicopter)
  • Bell TH-57A x 4 (Training Helicopter)


Trainer Aircraft[edit]

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