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Condell-class Frigate

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The Condell class was the name given to a class of two new build and upgraded type Leander-class frigates of the Chilean Navy, Almirante Condell and Almirante Lynch. They were ordered by the Chilean government in 1969 as ASW frigates. The ships were built between 1969 and 1973, under Chilean modifications, by Yarrow (Shipbuilders) Ltd. in Scotstoun, Glasgow. Almirante Condell arrived in Chile in 1973, with Almirante Lynch following in 1974.

Almirante Lynch was decommissioned on July 4th 2007 after 33 years of service. Almirante Condell was decommissioned on April 18th 2008, before both were sold to the Ecuadorian Navy on the same day. Both frigates were replaced by three Type 23-class frigates ordered in 2000. Both frigates are currently in active service with Ecuadorian Navy as BAE Morán Valverde (FM-01) and BAE Presidente Eloy Alfaro (FM-02).

Unit Run[edit]

  • BAC Almirante Condell (PFG-06) - sold to Ecuador, renamed BAE Eloy Alfaro (FM 01)
  • BAC Almirante Lynch (PFG-07) - sold to Ecuador, renamed BAE Morán Valverde (FM 02)
  • BAC Ministro Zenteno (PFG-08) - former HMS Achilles (F12)
  • BAC General Baquedano (PFG-09) - former HMS Ariadne (F72)
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