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The Colombian Air Force or FAC (Spanish: Fuerza Aérea Colombiana) is the Air Force of the Republic of Colombia. The Colombian Air Force (FAC) is one of the three institutions of the Military Forces of Colombia, charge according to the 1991 Constitution of the work to exercise and maintain control of Colombia's airspace to defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity and constitutional order. It is one of the largest American air forces (after Brazil, Peru, Canada and the U.S.) and increased activity due to its important role in the fight against narco-terrorism.

Air Force is the only global processes that have accredited with ISO 9001 and NTCGP 1000. The system corresponds to ISO 9001 quality management with the international standard, which inscribed the FAC as a world-class organization. The second certificate, the NTCGP 1000, corresponds to the technical standard of quality of governance, as a result of Act 872 of 2003 requires all public bodies to implement the quality management system by December 2008.

The FAC has the distinction of having been used in missions of observation and aerial combat from the Colombian-Peruvian war of 1932, never elected government was ousted by force, as the FAC helped quell many rebellions from terrorism, military and political. The Colombian Air Force also served with distinction during the Second World War in the islands of San Andrés.

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