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Burak-class Corvette

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Burak-class corvette (Turkish: Burak sınıfı korvet), also known as the B-class corvette, is a warship class of the Turkish Navy, all ex-D'Estienne d'Orves-class A69 type Aviso corvettes, mainly designed for coastal anti-submarine defense and ocean escort missions. Their robust design and economical propulsion system allows them to be used for distant overseas operations.

A total of six ships under the Burak-class are being operated by the Turkish Navy and will be phased out with introduction of Ada-class corvettes.

Unit Run[edit]

  • TCG Bozcaada (F-500), formerly MN Commandant de Pimodan (F787)
  • TCG Bodrum (F-501), formerly MN Drogou (F783)
  • TCG Bandırma (F-502), formerly MN Quartier-Maître Anquetil (F786)
  • TCG Beykoz (F-503), formerly MN D'Estienne d'Orves (F781)
  • TCG Bartın (F-504), formerly MN Amyot d'Inville (F782)
  • TCG Bafra (F-505), formerly MN Second-Maître Le Bihan (F788)

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