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The Bombardier Global Express is a large cabin, ultra long range business jet manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace in Toronto, Canada. There are currently five variants, the original Global Express, Global 5000, Global 6000, Global 7000 & Global 8000. The Global Express has been modified for military missions, such as the Raytheon Sentinel and the USAF's E-11A. The Global Express can fly intercontinental ranges without refueling (e.g. New York–Tokyo) or between most two points in the world with only one stop. In this class the Global Express competes with the Airbus Corporate Jet, Boeing Business Jet and Gulfstream G550.

Users[edit | edit source]

  • Angola
    • Angolan Air Force
  • Botswana
    • Botswana Defence Force Air Wing
  • Germany
    • Luftwaffe
  • India
    • Indian Air Force
  • Malaysia
    • Royal Malaysian Air Force
  • Mexico
    • Mexican Air Force
  • Swaziland
    • Swaziland Air Force
  • Turkey
    • Turkish Air Force
  • United Arab Emirates
    • United Arab Emirates Air Force
  • United Kingdom
    • Royal Air Force
  • United States
    • United States Air Force

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