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Bombardier CC-230 Bison

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Bombardier CC-230 Bison side profile

The Bombardier CC-230 Bison is a four engine turboprop tactical airlifter developed by Bombardier Aerospace. It was about the same size as the C-130J-30 Hercules and only slightly smaller than the CC-176 Airmaster transport planes the RCAF had relied on for nearly 25 years, the Bison was quite clearly aimed at the Canadian Forces. Bombardier showed off a variant with electronics aimed at AWACS and/or observation duties, and one modified into a gunship, similar to the Canadian CA-130 gunships - which had proven their worth again in Korea as special forces hunters.

The Bison first flew on May 18th, 2026, and showed that the Bison was a real rival to the A400M and C-130J Super Hercules. Testing in 2026 and 2027 found that the Bison, now carrying the Canadian Forces designation CC-230, could carry 85% of the A400M's payload, and substantially outlifted the C-130J, while outranging both of them. The Bison wasn't quite able to match the C-130's STOL capability, but it wasn't far off. The biggest advantage was the range, and the 18-wheel landing gear, which allowed for major stresses to be handled without difficulty. The Bison was also designed with the ability to have skis or floats fitted, which would allow a lightly-loaded aircraft to land just about anywhere, which could be useful for rescue operations and the like. The Bison was a success, and while it would not get many export orders (New Zealand, Korea and Iran being the only export customers of the Bison) it was considered a successful project.


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