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The BAC 167 Strikemaster is a British jet-powered training and light attack aircraft. It was a development of the Hunting Jet Provost trainer, itself a jet engined version of the Percival Provost, which originally flew in 1950 with a radial piston engine.

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • Strikemaster Mk.80: Export version for Saudi Arabia, twenty-five aircraft
    • Strikemaster Mk.80A: Twenty aircraft were sold to Saudi Arabia as part of a follow-up order.
  • Strikemaster Mk.81: Export version for South Yemen, four aircraft.
  • Strikemaster Mk.82: Export version for Oman, twelve aircraft.
    • Strikemaster Mk.82A: Twelve aircraft were sold to Oman as part of a follow-up order
  • Strikemaster Mk.83: Export version for Kuwait, twelve aircraft.
  • Strikemaster Mk.84: Export version for Singapore, sixteen aircraft.
  • Strikemaster Mk.87: Export version for Kenya, six aircraft.
  • Strikemaster Mk.88: Export version for New Zealand, sixteen aircraft.
  • Strikemaster Mk.89: Export version for Ecuador, twenty-two aircraft.
    • Strikemaster Mk.89A: A number of aircraft were sold to Ecuador as part of a follow-up order.
  • Strikemaster Mk.90: Export version for Sudan. The last Strikemaster was delivered to Sudan in 1984.

Users[edit | edit source]

  • Botswana
    • Botswana Defence Force Air Wing
  • Ecuador
    • Ecuadorian Air Force
  • Kenya
    • Kenyan Air Force
  • Kuwait
    • Kuwait Air Force
  • New Zealand
    • Royal New Zealand Air Force
  • Oman
    • Royal Air Force of Oman
  • Saudi Arabia
    • Royal Saudi Air Force
  • Singapore
    • Republic of Singapore
  • Sudan
    • Sudanese Air Force
  • United Kingdom
    • Royal Air Force
  • United States
    • Blue Air Training LLC
  • Yemen
    • Yemen Air Force

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