Asakaze-class Nuclear Attack Submarine

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The Asakaze-class Nuclear Attack Submarine is a class of nuclear powered fast attack submarine in service in the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force in the 2020s. The first two submarines are the JS Asakaze (SSN-525) and JS Natsushio (SSN-526). The Asakaze-class submarines are comparable in size to the French Suffren-class SSNs and have a crew of 58.

Unit Run[edit | edit source]

  • JS Asakaze (SSN-525)
  • JS Natsushio (SSN-526)
  • JS Harukaze (SSN-527)
  • JS Kamikaze (SSN-528)
  • JS Yuushio (SSN-529)
  • JS Wakashio (SSN-530)
  • JS Asashio (SSN-531)
  • JS Matsukaze (SSN-532)