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An Antonov An-72 of the Russian Air Force landing at Chkalovsky Airport (CKL / UUMU) on February 7th</su>, 2006.

The Antonov An-72 (NATO reporting name: Coaler) is a Soviet/Ukrainian transport aircraft, developed by Antonov ASTC. It was designed as an STOL transport and intended as a replacement for the Antonov An-26, but variants have found success as commercial freighters.

The An-72 and the related An-74 get their nickname, Cheburashka, from the large engine intake ducts, which resemble the oversized ears of the popular Soviet animated character of the same name.

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • An-71: Prototype AWACS aircraft developed from the An-72. NATO reporting name: Madcap:
  • An-72: Preproduction aircraft. Two flying prototypes, one static test airframe and eight preproduction machines.
  • An-72A: Initial production STOL transport with a longer fuselage and increased wingspan.
  • An-72AT: Freight version of the An-72A compatible with standard international shipping containers.
  • An-72P: Patrol aircraft. Armed with one 23 mm GSh-23L cannon plus bombs and/or rockets.
  • An-72R/BR: Prototype electronic intelligence (ELINT) aircraft, with conformal antenna fairings running up each side of the fuselage. Known as 'Aircraft 88' during development and erroneously known as An-88.
  • An-72S: Executive VIP transport fitted with a galley in a front cabin, work and rest areas in a central cabin, and 24 armchairs in a rear cabin, can also be reconfigured for transporting freight or 38 passengers or as an air ambulance carrying eight stretchers.
  • An-72-100: Demilitarized An-72.
  • An-72-100D: Demilitarized An-72S.
  • An-74: Arctic/Antarctic support model with room for five crew, increased fuel capacity, larger radar in bulged nose radome, improved navigation equipment, better de-icing equipment, and can be fitted with wheel-skis landing gear.

Users[edit | edit source]

  • Angola
    • Angolan Air Force
  • Armenia
    • Armenian Air Force
  • Egypt
    • Egyptian Air Force
  • Equatorial Guinea
    • Equatoguinean Air Force
  • Georgia
    • Georgian Air Force
  • Kazakhstan
    • Kazakh Air Force
  • Libya
    • Libyan Air Force
  • Moldova
    • Moldovan Air Force
  • Peru
    • Peruvian Air Force
  • Russia
    • Russian Air Force
    • Russian Naval Aviation
  • Soviet Union
    • Soviet Air Force
  • Ukraine
    • Ukrainian Air Force
    • Ukrainian National Guard