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The Antonov An-178 (Ukrainian: Антонов Ан-178) is a short-range medium-airlift military transport aircraft designed by the Ukrainian Antonov company and based on the Antonov An-158 (An-148-200). It was announced on February 5th 2010, rolled out on April 16th, 2015 and the first flight was on May 7th, 2015.

The An-178 is proposed to replace outdated aircraft like the Antonov An-12, Antonov An-26 and Antonov An-32. The aircraft will have avionics suite similar to the An-148, and will use Progress D-436-148FM engines.

The An-178 is a potential competitor for the Alenia C-27J Spartan from Italy, EADS CASA C-295 from Spain, Lockheed Martin C-130J from the United States, Embraer KC-390 from Brazil and the Ilyushin/HAL Il-214 from the Russian Federation. The company plans to build more than 200 of the aircraft.

On 18 December 2015, Antonov and Тaqnia Aeronautics signed a Memorandum to deliver thirty An−178s to the Royal Saudi Air Force. Taqnia's President, Ali Mohammed Al−Ghamdi, noted that the An-178 had been selected because "its price and low operational costs are important advantages in comparison with other airplanes of this class".

Users[edit | edit source]

  • Azerbaijan
    • Silk Way Airlines x 10
  • People's Republic of China
    • A-Star x 50 on order
  • Iraq
    • Iraqi Air Force x 5
    • Iraqi Army x 2
  • Peru
    • Ministry of the Interior
  • Saudi Arabia
    • Royal Saudi Air Force x 30 on order
  • Ukraine
    • Ministry of Internal Affairs x 13
    • Ukrainian Air Force x 3
  • United Arab Emirates
    • Maximus Airlines

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