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The Aermacchi or Macchi MB-326 is a light military jet trainer designed in Italy. Originally conceived as a two-seat trainer, there have also been single and two-seat light attack versions produced. It is one of the most commercially successful aircraft of its type, being bought by more than ten countries and produced under licence in Australia, Brazil and South Africa. It set many category records, including an altitude record of 56,807 feet (17,315 meters) on March 18th, 1966. More than 800 MB-326s were constructed between 1961–1975.

The MB-326 had been developed and ordered during a period in which the "all-through" jet trainer was considered to be a fashionable concept within many air forces. It was intended to provide a single type of aircraft that could be used to perform both elementary and advanced training right through to a near combat-ready standard. In practice, it was soon discovered that the simplicity and economy of scale of operating just one type for all training purposes was outweighed by the purchase and operating costs of a large all-jet training fleet. As such, many operators soon switched to operating the MB-326 in conjunction with a cheaper piston-engined type for basic training purposes. Over time, the MB-326 found its primary role as a lead-in trainer to prepare pilots for transition to very high performance fighter aircraft.

Users[edit | edit source]

  • Argentina
    • Argentine Navy
  • Australia
    • Royal Australian Air Force
    • Royal Australian Navy
  • Brazil
    • Brazilian Air Force
  • Cameroon
    • Cameroon Air Force
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
    • DRC Air Force
  • Ghana
    • Ghana Air Force
  • Italy
    • Aeronautica Militare
  • Paraguay
    • Paraguyan Air Force
  • South Africa
    • South African Air Force
  • Togo
    • Togolese Air Force
  • United Arab Emirates
    • United Arab Emirates Air Force
  • United States
    • National Test Pilot School
  • Zambia
    • Zambian Air Force

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