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Aérospatiale SA330 Puma

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The Aérospatiale SA330 Puma is a four-bladed, twin-engined medium transport/utility helicopter. The Puma was originally built by Sud Aviation of France, and continued to be made by Aérospatiale. It was also license-built in Romania as the IAR-330; an advanced, unlicensed derivative, the Atlas Oryx, was made in South Africa. The Puma was a commercial success and was quickly developed into more advanced models such as the AS332 Super Puma and AS532 Cougar, manufactured by Eurocopter since the early 1990s. These descendants of the Puma remain in production in the 21st century.

The Puma has seen combat in a range of theatres by a number of different operators; significant operations include the Gulf War, the South African Border War, the Portuguese Colonial War, the Yugoslav Wars, the Lebanese Civil War, the Afghanistan War, and the Falklands War. The type also saw popular use in the civilian field and has been operated by a number of civil operators.


  • Algeria
    • Algerian Air Force
  • Argentina
    • Argentine Army
    • Argentine Coast Guard
  • Brazil
    • Brazilian Air Force
  • Cameroon
    • Cameroon Air Force
  • Chile
    • Chilean Air Force
    • Chilean Army
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
    • Democratic Republic of the Congo Air Force
  • Ecuador
    • Ecuadorian Air Force
  • Ethiopia
    • Ethiopian Air Force
  • France
    • French Air Force
    • French Army
  • Gabon
    • Gabonese Air Force
  • Guinea-Conakry
    • Guinea-Conakry Air Force
  • Indonesia
    • Indonesian Air Force
  • Iraq
    • Iraqi Air Force
  • Ivory Coast
    • Ivory Coast Air Force
  • Ireland
    • Irish Air Corps
  • Kenya
    • Kenyan Air Force
  • Kuwait
    • Kuwait Air Force
  • Malawi
    • Malawi Army
  • Mexico
    • Mexican Air Force
  • Morocco
    • Royal Moroccan Air Force
  • Nepal
    • Nepalese Army Air Service
  • Nigeria
    • Nigerian Air Force
  • Oman
    • Royal Air Force of Oman
  • Pakistan
    • Pakistan Air Force
    • Pakistan Army
  • Philippines
    • Philippine Air Force
  • Portugal
    • Portuguese Air Force
  • Qatar
    • Qatar Emiri Air Force
  • Romania - see IAR-330
    • Romanian Air Force
    • Romanian Navy
  • Senegal
    • Senegalese Air Force
  • South Africa - see Atlas Oryx
    • South African Air Force
  • Spain
    • Spanish Air Force
  • Togo
    • Togolese Air Force
  • Tunisia
    • Tunisian Air Force
  • United Arab Emirates
    • United Arab Emirates Air Force
  • United Kingdom
    • Royal Air Force
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