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445 Squadron

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445 Squadron was a strike fighter squadron in the Canadian Forces Air Command that utilized the CF-190 Crossbow. Originally 445 Squadron was designated No. 445 Squadron RCAF and was used the CF-100 Canuck. It was disbanded in 1963 and brought back in 1998 to pilot the CF-184B Super Tomcat. In 2008, they were one of the first squadrons to receive the Crossbow. During the 2011 Red Flag exercise, 445 Squadron proved itself more than up to the task. While unable to beat down the awesome American F-22 Raptor, the Crossbow could - and did - beat up on just about everybody else at the event. The biggest infuriating moment for the Americans was a air combat exercise between American F-16s serving as aggressors and the Crossbows of 445 Squadron of the CF, where the CF fighters bashed down eight F-16s with no losses. Against British Eurofighter Typhoon FGR.4s the next day, the same eight Crossbows downed all eight Eurofighters with three loses. Bombing missions had the same results, by and large, with the CF crews, several of them being veterans of Operation Dark Knight, embarassing many of the other air forces.

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